Breakdown Hoist

breakdownBreakdown Hoist

The Lumber Unit Breakdown Hoist has arms positioned to mesh with an infeed package roll conveyor or infeed chain conveyor. Lumber packages 4′ high x 4′ wide are unstacked with ease. Accurate sticker removal is possible. The break down hoist is operated manually by the grader with up and down foot switches. Complete systems are available.
Standard Models:

2 arm, 6′-8′ stock length, 5hp, 5,120 lbs capacity

3 arm, 6′-12′ stock length, 5hp, 7,680 lbs capacity

4 arm, 6′-16′ stock length, 10hp, 10,240 lbs capacity

5 arm, 6′-20′ stock length, 10hp, 12,800 lbs capacity

6 arm, 6′-28′ stock length, 10hp, 18,000 lbs capacity
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